The Usuals, a punk rock band hailing from Elgin, IL, has been making waves since their establishment in 2000. Comprised of seasoned musicians who have previously played in notable bands such as Violent Youth Assembly, FTF, Oil Can Boys, Welfare Beer League, and 80 Proof Preacher among others, The Usuals bring an honest and raw approach to their music.

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant punk scene of Chicagoland, The Usuals deliver energetic performances that capture the essence of the genre. Their veteran lineup brings a wealth of experience and skill to their music, resulting in a sound that is both authentic and captivating.

With roots firmly planted in the punk rock tradition, The Usuals embody the rebellious spirit and DIY ethos that defines the genre. Their music reflects their passion for expressing themselves through powerful lyrics and high-energy instrumentation.

Whether they are performing on stage or recording in the studio, The Usuals consistently deliver a dynamic and engaging experience for their audience. With their unwavering dedication to their craft and a genuine love for punk rock music, The Usuals continue to make an impact on both local and national levels.

For fans of punk rock looking for an unapologetic sound with a touch of nostalgia and rawness, The Usuals are a band not to be missed. With their impressive pedigree and commitment to their craft, they represent the true spirit of punk rock music while carving out their own unique identity within the scene.

Curt Harrison

Aaron McDuffie

Christopher Heilemann

Phil Warbiany

Justin Schenck